Residential and Commercial EXTERIOR

 Cook’s Simple Painting provides high quality interior and exterior painting to both residential and commercial customers. We use only the highest quality paints and stains to deliver flawless and long lasting results.

Scheduling Your Painting Job

We will provide free estimate if you decide to book with cooks we require a 20% deposit to book the job followed by payments in thirds as work progress.

Preparing for Your Painting Job

EXTERIOR PAINTING JOBS We will power wash / pressure wash your house with Enviro safe cleaner which needs to dry before starting the job so that the house is ready for quality paint.

We will power wash your house up to 2 weeks before we start the job this will remove any mold or mildew and give us a clean paintable surface. the house.

We caulk and fill as needed. on for us to use.

We hand scrape and hand sand.

We spot prime all bare wood areas to prevent cedar bleed.

We apply 2 coats of finish paint to all areas to be painted.

We paint whatever you need painted houses -decks -sheds-foundations- patios -cabanas- swing sets -dog house if you want it painted we will do it for you.

Each job is handled the same with 100% quality for a long lasting paint job.

We apply 2 coats of finish paint to all areas to be painted

We guarantee your yard to be absolutely spotless upon completion of your job GUARANTEED!

We provide free paint samples upon request that way you get the color you want the first time and don't have to pay costly repaint charges for color changes.

Customer choice on all colors.

We never clean brushes or equipment on your property.

The season fills up quickly so if you are interested in booking with us, please do so early. My name is Christopher Cook, the owner, if you have any questions please feel free to call me at my office (781) 944-8606.